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Department of Music Education/Pedagogy

  • Address: Rovinjska 14, 52100 Pula, Croatia
  • Telephone:+385(52)377503
  • Fax: +385 (52) 377 503
  • E-mail: ured.glazba@unipu.hr  

Head of the Department 

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About the Department

Music has been studied in Pula for a very long period of time.  It started as a two-year study programme at the Teacher Education School in 1965/1966, but continued at the Pula constituent of the Faculty of Pedagogy in Rijeka. It became a four-year study programme of Music Culture in 1979, which continued at the Department of Music – the Faculty of Philosophy in Pula. Today, the study programme of Music Education/Pedagogy is delivered at the Academy of Music, the Juraj Dobrila University in Pula.

Learning music is a complex process of acquiring knowledge/art and developing music capacities from early youth to adulthood. Music education, which studies this process, is becoming a respectable discipline with clearly defined research contents, developed methodology and rich literature. 

Future music teachers/pedagogues will be able to autonomously carry out research into music pedagogy, and to teach music in general/primary music schools, and in teacher education faculties with music as a subject in their curricula. 

Although a considerable number of music teachers have been previously educated at the Department of Music, today the Academy of Music in Pula, this type of education is still required not only in Istria, but also in other Croatian regions. Such experts are not only needed in education institutions, but also in professional cultural institutions and in amateurish domain where they can participate in the activities of cultural-artistic societies as animators or, having knowledge and professional skills, establish and lead different music and folklore groups. Newspaper, radio and TV editors are also needed, just as organizers of public manifestations and alike are required.

There is no doubt that this profile of experts is needed in the society. All this made us decide to propose the undergraduate and graduate studies of Music Education/Pedagogy when the curriculum based on the Bologna Declaration and ECTS system was created. 

The courses offered within this study programme include recent scientific insights and logic of music art, viewing them as a subject of education research. Music education researchers and artists, such as composers and performers, are engaged in teaching here.

The students who study at this department must responsively read available literature written by Croatian and international experts in the science of pedagogy and in the science of art to know how to analyze new ideas, and to determine what is relevant and evaluate it.