Opcije pristupačnosti Pristupačnost

Vision, Mission and Goals


The Academy of Music of the Juraj Dobrila University in Pula is the place where music, culture and art are combined with the most recent scientific studies and top class technologies. We tend to strengthen our position as one of the most important subjects of the cultural life in the city of Pula and the county of Istria, as well as to become recognizable as an important strategic partner of all related academies and institutions – in the local, national, regional and European context – through encouraging the synergy and development of tradition, innovation, heritage and new tendencies in music, culture, art and science. 

Our vision lies in establishing the vertical education system (from preschool to higher education, also adult education and life-long education) to enable our students the optimal development of their potentials and integration into the labour market and art world, taking into account every distinctive advantage that such concept has to offer. 


The mission of the Academy of Music in Pula is to provide exquisite music and art education, combined with the most recent studies and achievements, to all talented musicians – instrumentalists (Study of Classical Accordion), singers (Study of Solo Singing) and music teachers-to-be (Study of Music Education/Pedagogy) with the aim to help them make the best of their potentials, skills, knowledge and talents.

Our wish is to offer them a platform for questioning, discovering, experiences, reflection and self-evaluation, creativity, thoughtful and experienced interpretation, in parallel with the optimal development of their individual features and motivation/ passion in the future profession that results from their life choice.


To realize its mission, the Academy of Music in Pula set the following goals:

  • to find young talented musicians from all over the region and draw their attention, as well as to provide them with a working platform that may encourage their individual artistic, intellectual and personal development;   
  • to keep high standards in education and art, and to modernize them ceaselessly; 
  • to intrigue and recruit eminent teachers: musicians, artists and researchers having rich experiences and versatile interests; 
  • to participate in the educational and artistic life of the entire community, and to make it even richer; 
  • to enable both teachers and students inspirational and supportive working atmosphere, so that they could constantly develop and improve their potentials;  
  • to encourage students to support and promote high scientific and artistic standards in the society. 


The basic values seen as pre-requisites and beliefs that are of crucial importance for the behaviour of employees and the entire institution includes the following: 

  • commitment to work and initiative; 
  • constant desire to expand and improve the existent knowledge; 
  • unselfish dissemination of the current knowledge and insights; 
  • freedom of scientific work and artistic creation; 
  • justice and honesty; 
  • sincere and impartial behaviour;  
  • objectivity and fairness.

At present, three undergraduate (Music Education/Pedagogy, Classical Accordion, Solo Singing) and two graduate (Music Education/Pedagogy, Classical Accordion) study programmes are available at the Academy of Music in Pula. Another study programme (Piano) was accredited, but it has not started yet. There is no doubt that our strategic goals include new study programmes. Two-major study programmes are currently in the stage of preparation, such as: Music Education/Pedagogy and Choir Conducting, Music Theory and Composition, Music Education/Pedagogy and Music Therapy. There are also plans about the study programme of Ethnomusicology and the String Department. In order to completely achieve the vertical development of music education in Istria, postgraduate studies have been also considered although the specialist postgraduate study programme of Classical Accordion is the most certain in the near future. Following the mission of the Juraj Dobrila University in Pula, we also pay considerable attention to the design of life-long education study programme, which is supposed to be recognized at the labour market.